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Jesus told to his disciples that power is released through an agreement in prayer according to Matthew 18:18-20. There is untapped potential when we can get a godly synergy that crosses age and gender obstacles; breaks through economic and social barriers; and shatters racial tensions. Hebrews 11:39-40 reveals another kind of agreement that few have ever considered. Though saints of the past are no longer here, the prayers of their generations are still alive before God's throne waiting to be answered. Discovery of the lives and prayers of our forefathers gives us an opportunity to come into an agreement that spans the gulf of time itself. While most are looking for next the big thing, God is looking for successors. This is the synergy of the ages.

An old iron kettle from the past has become a humble symbol of this unique dynamic of synergy. Slaves in the 19th century used it for cooking and cleaning, but secretly they used it for prayer in the middle of the night as it muffled their voices to prevent being caught and punished. When slavery ended, the kettle was then handed down through the generations along with the courageous story of intercession for the next generation. This incredible storyline didn’t stop there, however, because we serve an Everlasting God—the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Will Ford and Matt Lockett have discovered a divine thread in the tapestry of America that has the potential to reshape the way this nation thinks about our past, present and future.




Will Ford III is the Director of the Marketplace Leadership Major at Christ For The Nations Institute in Dallas, TX and is the founder of Hilkiah Ministries. Many know him internationally, however, for his family heirloom passed down through history, and its connection to slavery and prayer for freedom.

As a leader in the prayer movement, Will uses this “prayer bowl” (Rev. 5:8) as a catalyst for mobilizing prayer and teaching on intercession, revival and societal transformation. He believes that it was the prayers of a godly remnant of all races—who were revivalists and abolitionists—that brought revival to America and ultimately ended slavery. Receiving their mantle from yesterday, Will is actively training a new generation to release justice to the most marginalized today.

Will is a father of four. He and his wife Dehavilland live in Dallas, TX.


Matt Lockett is the Executive Director of the Justice House of Prayer DC located right on Capitol Hill in Washington. From the governmental gate of the nation, Matt leads prayer and intercession that appeals to a holy hill that's higher than Capitol Hill—to a heavenly court that’s above the Supreme Court.

Matt, along with his wife and four children, have served as full-time missionaries in the nation’s capital since just after the founding of JHOP DC in 2004. His passion is to help father a young, consecrated generation that will usher justice into the earth. Matt travels and speaks on the topics of prayer, fasting and governmental intercession.

Matt also oversees Bound4LIFE International, a pro-life prayer movement universally recognized by the red tape worn over the mouth with the word “LIFE” handwritten on it. “It’s not a protest. It’s a prayer meeting.”



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“Will Ford and Matt Lockett are indeed advancing the God-inspired dream of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.”

Alveda King- Evangelist, Niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

“Healing the racial divide in America is one of the nation’s greatest spiritual needs. Will and Matt’s story shows how each one of us can overcome our personal pain and enter into our God-given destiny. Will and Matt were led from their heritage of the classical, oppressive master/slave relationship of their ancestors to a covenant friendship that celebrates their differences.”

Bishop Harry Jackson, Jr.- Hope Christian Church, Beltsville, MD; Chief Convener of The Reconciled Church Movement

“The lives of Will Ford and Matt Lockett intertwine in such a startling way that it could only have been orchestrated by God! Will and Matt carry a testimony filled with hope for the healing of racism and for the restoration of the world to God’s original design. Unity, after all, has always been God’s idea.”

Pastor Bill Johnson- Bethel Church, Redding, CA; Author of God is Good and Hosting the Presence

“God is the author and the finisher of our stories. You couldn’t ask for a better script than the one that brings together these two men’s lives—for the healing of the races and the ending of abortion. It could only have come from heaven. I believe Matt Lockett and Will Ford are carrying a timely and hope-filled narrative that can bring healing to the nation. They are two of my best friends.”

Lou Engle- Founder, TheCall; Author of The Jesus Fast

“There could not be a more supernatural story of justice and reconciliation than what Will Ford and Matt Lockett have lived—and it all revolves around an old 200-year-old cooking kettle!”

Cindy Jacobs- Founder, Generals International; Author of Possessing the Gates of the Enemy and Is That You, God?

“Will and Matt’s improbable story and perspectives contain the seeds of one of the most powerful reformations that could hit this planet. Their redemptive Kingdom lens for racism, unity, reconciliation,and reformation will certainly capture the narrative and ignite a movement.”

Sean Smith- Director, Pointblank International; Author of Prophetic Evangelism and I Am Your Sign

“As a student of history, I have a great appreciation for the level of detail that has been discovered in Will’s and Matt’s combined story. As a pastor, I know this is a message that the church must hear and understand. What they present is an opportunity for believers today to become inheritors of a divine legacy and be a part of completing God’s unfinished business.”

Pastor Jim Garlow- Skyline Church, San Diego, CA; Author of Well Versed

“I don’t know if I have ever been so impacted by a story with so many prophetic details as this one. Matt and Will’s story will help you to see how our God is just, caring about civil rights even more than we do. Their lives bring forth a revelation to this generation, and their teaching is reformational. God is love, and His love is the only thing that will create a salve over the racial wound of America.”

Shawn Bolz- Author of Translating GodGod Secrets, and Keys to Heaven’s Economy

“A more relevant and inspiring message of reconciliation would be difficult to discover in this generation. Will and Matt present a remarkable story of grace and supernatural friendship, the details of which are astonishing! After receiving their ministry in our church, a tangible diminishing of prejudice appeared and love among diverse people increased. Their sincerity and stewardship of this miracle honors God and brings healing to our nation.”

Pastor Jim Hennessy- Trinity Church, Cedar Hill, TX